Clara Mia Nude with Model Yoya Grey on a Photoshoot

Clara Mia Nude with Model Yoya Grey on a Photoshoot

Clara Mia Nude with Model Yoya Grey on a Photoshoot

Famous French pornstar, Clara Mia, and her new girlfriend Yoya Grey, had a little too much fun at a shooting yesterday! The girls arrived for their regular shoot. Well, at least Clara Mia did… Miss Yoya Grey, was late! That doesn’t look like her, but it can happen to anyone, no?

Clara Mia Porn Video Trailer

So, Clara Mia decides to not wait for her, and enters the apartment to sit down with the photographer and talk for a few minutes until her girlfriend Yoya arrives! She walked in, everything looked normal, and the photographer even offered her a drink! But, they got to talking about tattoos, and Clara decides to show Mr. Grey all of her tattoos! She then also asks him about his, and slowly approaches him, as she sits in his lap touching him! And as men usually are, he leans in to kiss her! Keep in mind that his girlfriend, Yoya, still hasn’t arrived! Slutty model Clara Mia, decides to take advantage of that fact and gets on all fours to suck Mr. Grey’s cock! After a few minutes, Miss Yoya Grey finally shows up! Clara Mia and Mr. Grey tried to hide what they did, but he forgot to pull his pants all the way up! So naturally, Yoya realized what they did!

I was at first frustrated with Mr. Grey as on how in this world could he forget to put on his pants! It would have been a perfect crime if he just wasn’t so lazy! But, don’t worry! It was a plan all along! Yoya Grey and her mister actually do this as a full-time job! They bring in new models and interview them, take a few pictures with them, and then the three of them always end up in bed, one way or another! So much fun having a different girl every day to fuck! The two of them are living my dream life, and I am happy that I can be a part of it! Mr. Grey can have fun with a bunch of girls, all while Yoya Grey acts as my virtual girlfriend! Yes, folks, you can live the life of Mr. Grey for just $4.98 on their VIP site! Follow miss Yoya from the moment she that she wakes up naked, to the moment she masturbates herself to sleep at night! And also, behind the scenes, you get to know all of the pornstars that they bring that day! Later you can watch them fuck her – LIVE! Want to see them lick the pornstar’s feet – tell them, they’ll be happy to do it!

Clara Mia Lesbian Action With Yoya Grey

I honestly didn’t know if Clara Mia was lesbian or not! But now, when I saw the pictures that Yoya Grey and Clara Mia took, I am almost 100 percent sure that she is!  But, if you also check out Clara Mia’s girlfriend, Yoya Grey, you can see that she actually is bi-sexual! here are all of her social media listed so you can see what I am talking about!




Reddit – u/YoYa-GREY


In these first couple of shots, they posed in some skimpy bikinis! But, if you ask me, nothing very special.. That’s at least what I thought before I’ve seen the following pictures! The hot girls posed in matching hot pink lingerie! And they also showed the camera their pussies afterward!

But, even the pink set wasn’t my favorite part! What I liked the most actually was the set of photos where Yoya Grey and Clara Mia lesbian kissed in matching neon yellow outfits! Keep scrolling to see what I am talking about!

Yoya Grey’s VIP – What To Expect?

Allow me to show you around this girl’s VIP area… “Why the fuck would I join when she’ll probably treat me like the other females?” At first, I was unsure. But, my gosh, was I ever wrong! Every day, more photographs, videos, and scenarios are released? This isn’t at all a problem! Is it possible to talk for the remainder of the day? With her, it’s a big hit. Miss Grey enjoys hearing all of our ideas and recommendations, so she tries to incorporate as many as she can into her videos! I advised her and her coworker, Alyssa Bounty, to dress in bright green the other day, and they did!
Then the day after, someone asked if she and the girl can have somewhat similar lingerie that was bright colored – and she, of course, made all of their wishes come true! That’s when Lya Missy and Yoya Grey posed for a shoot in sexy black stockings with crystals! Yoya was wearing the royal ble set, and Lya was in the red one!
A few days ago, Yoya was told about his ideal scenario by someone on there, and she filmed it for all of us to witness! You’ll also like her toes if you enjoy feet! They’re a big hit with everyone, and you’ll enjoy them as well! Do you want to watch her in basic lesbian scenes or in anal or threesomes? Those flicks are only available there! For just $4.58 a month, you can have full access, and if you tip her $5-$10, she’ll put it all towards paying the females in her films! And believe me when I say it’s well worth your time and work! You can have your own virtual girlfriend for the price of a cup of coffee!
Is this the same girl that does the famous VIP live videos? Yes – that is this teen brunette’s job, next to being a model!

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