Jordana Brewster Sexy At Her Wedding (13 Photos)

Mia Toretto from the movie Fast and Furious – actress Jordana Brewster got married. The celebrity’s chosen one is the head of the investment company Mason Morfit, with whom the bride has been together for a little less than a year. Their love story developed incredibly rapidly! They met immediately after the actress’ divorce, and began living together after the first date.

Jordana Brewster Sexy Wedding

The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California. The bride chose a classic dress in the style of Carolina Herrera strapless, with a lace bodice and an elegant satin train. But the most interesting thing about this star wedding is the entourage. In the 20 years that Brewster has starred in the Fast and the Furious action films, she has become so close to her character, Mia Toretto, that she came to her own wedding ceremony in the same car in which her heroine drove in the very first part of The Fast And The Furious — Honda Integra Coupe. Recall that in the film she plays the sister of the title character Vin Diesel and the love of the late Paul Walker’s life. Many of Jordana’s “Fast and Furious” colleagues were also present at this important ceremony.

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