Olivia Wilde Cleavage (23 Photos)

Watching the premiere of the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” was no less exciting than watching what was happening on the screen. The tension caused by the open hostility between the director of the film Olivia Wilde and the main actress Florence Pugh was felt a kilometer away. Celebrities didn’t even pretend that “everything is fine between them.” Florence didn’t even say hello to Olivia, and after the end credits left the hall in a second. However, with Wilde’s boyfriend and partner in the film Harry Styles, the situation was no less gloomy.

Olivia Wilde

In addition, everyone was expecting the official doubles release of Wilde and Styles. Their romance began on the set of the film, the actors have been together for almost a year. However, the appearance by the hand did not happen. The lovers sailed to the Lido Island separately and did not even take pictures next to each other, much less sit together in the hall.

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Olivia Wilde "Don't Worry Darling" Premiere

Olivia coped best with her role as a shining social diva and mistress of the situation. She seemed to be the only one who enjoyed everything that was happening in Venice. And this was emphasized by the sunny shade of her Gucci dress, which was made to order for Olivia by Alessandro Michele: with spectacular crystal edging and a deep cleavage highlighting Olivia Wilde’s tits.

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